Yoga useful for peaceful pregnancy

Women life gets more developed and beautiful when you have your baby. A new born baby brings immense charm on their face. Pregnancy itself is revealed with beautiful glow on women’s face.

“The most important thing she’d learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one”. — Jill Churchill

Every woman wants to be best mother, and desires everything best for their child. This feeling starts right from the day of conceiving and last lifelong. During pregnancy they care themselves so sensitively and avoid even slightest neglection. Even minor neglection towards health might create problem and result in severe complications. A woman has to take care, as she is developing one more life within her body. It takes nine months for a baby to grow and develop. In this duration, every action of women is counted. Consuming nutritional food, adequate sleep, and proper exercise will result in healthy and happy pregnancy.
Yoga useful for peaceful pregnancy
I know practicing exercise during pregnancy might be hectic, but at the same practicing yoga will be very much beneficial for healthy pregnancy. Pregnant women experience from mixed emotions as, they are happy to bring one more life in the world and even worried for complication during delivery. Pregnancy also welcomes numerous health problems such as high blood pressure, asthma, urinary tract infection, cardiac troubles, gestational diabetes, liver problems, and excessive weight gain. You need to control all problems to avoid further complications.

Yoga is perfect way to heal all problems naturally. It helps in building you physically and mentally, thus making you strong person to face pregnancy difficulties. Yoga asanas is soft and safer way to keep your body active and supple. Regular practice of yoga will reduce pregnancy concerns such as morning sickness, dehydration, constipation, and stress. Basic principles of yoga will teach you right techniques of breathing, which will control pain in your pelvic bones, uterus, abdominal and lower back. It lowers down stress on upper back after birth of child.

It is recommended to follow yoga in first trimester, as it improves and strengthens circulation system, immune system, produces good energy, and lessens the intensity of muscle cramps in legs. It is advised to perform yoga asanas for less time, to avoid extreme weakness. Do not practice yoga asanas from tenth to fourteenth week pf pregnancy as, they are considered to be most critical phase in pregnancy. Never stretch your body to any extent, which might cause any muscle injury. Avoid stretching your abdomen and upper back. Regular practice of yoga will ensure in easy and comfortable delivery.

The scriptures of yoga have mentioned numerous different yoga asanas which are beneficial during pregnancy. We have discussed here some of the yoga poses that are good for his health.

Tadasana- Mountain Pose:
  • This asana encourages tranquility, relaxation, stability, and strength that are referred to mountains. Mountain poses help in building calmness and patience in your personality.
Trikonasana- Triangle Pose:
  • According to Hindu customs, triangle is representative of divine energy and is usually found in yantras- used to gain meditation. This is one of the basic poses in yoga postures.
Warrior Pose:
  • It helps in improving and strengthening muscles of legs and arms that enhances energy level. They are well known for developing better concentration and balance. Regular practice of this asanas will relieve your backache. It is better not to practice this exercise, when you are suffering from constipation, neck problems, high blood pressure, or diarrhea
Fish Yoga Pose:
  • Practicing this yoga pose will relieve inflexibility in your shoulder and neck. They will improve the flexibility of spine and thus encourage muscles.
Cat poses:
  • This poses helps in coordinating movements with breathing. Cat poses are very much beneficial in promoting proper breathing techniques. They are very much valued in curing back injury or pain.
Tree Yoga Pose:
  • The Tree yoga pose will provide immense strength in your thighs, ankles, back, and calves. Thus, increases in flexibility of hip muscles.

These yoga poses have proved beneficial for safe delivery. Your child needs sufficient amount of oxygen, blood, and nutrients for proper growth and development. Yoga helps in improving respiratory system, thus provides proper nutrition to unborn child.

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